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ДПП „Русенски Лом” подписа споразумение по нов международен проект
ДПП „Русенски Лом” организира финална пресконференция по проект „Дунавски паркове 2”
“Дейности по устойчиво управление на Природен парк „Русенски Лом”
Обществена поръчка
Обществена поръчка
Обществена поръчка доставка
Туристическа инфраструктура
Публична покана за избор на одитор
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Публична покана за избор на изпълнител на Осигуряване на ел. енергия от фотоволтаични панели за Природозащитен комплекс
Опазване на местообитанията при устойчиво ползване на природните ресурси в ПП Русенски Лом
Ломовете - център за опазване на скалогнездещите птици
Ломовете - център за опазване на скалогнездещите птици
Партньорство в Life+ проект
обществена поръчка
Трансграничен екологичен коридор Русе-Гюргево
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Public-private partnership - good practices
The network becomes reality
Town of Ruse, June 26th 2008
City of Sofia, March 31st 2009
Training in Agroecology
March 7th 2008
Local products
July 10th 2008
December 12th 2008
March 18th 2008
The public-private partnership in favour of the nature and people

Local products


Project „NATURA 2000 and Lower Danube Green Corridor – the network becomes reality
WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme, Bulgaria
Issues for the work groups
Local products – concept, legislation and opportunities
  1. Are there local products thata are charactersistic only of this particular region?
  2. What are the local products that aren't specific but still, are produced in the region?
  3. If it is not just one product, what is the group of products that is characteristic or is produced in the region?
  4. What is the capacity for production regarding the number of farmers and producers?
  5. What is the capacity of production regarding quantity: the production is enough for the relevant settlement /supply for guest houses and local restaurants/ restaurants in the town/ possibility for supply for trade sites in the town/ on national level?
  6. What is the awareness and possibilities of the local farmers for joint sale of local products?
  7. What are the first steps for the development of local products and what are they connected to? (technology, training of local people, storing, finding a place for sale, marketing, etc.)
  8. What do you think would local products offering accompany? (local fairs and folklore festivities – when and where are they held; offering of tourist services; presentation of local folklore traditions; presentation of the nature of the regionq the historical and cultural characteristics, other...)


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